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Monday, 16 February 2015

Triple Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies, London Bakes

I've had a bag of buckwheat flour sitting at the back of the cupboard, unopened, for months. It was a sporadic purchase: I'd seen more and more recipes calling for buckwheat flour and thought it would all be used up in a flash. But it wasn't. Typically, as soon as I had this ingredient to hand, no recipes that required it came my way. 

That was until last week, when London Bakes shared her recipe for triple chocolate buckwheat cookies with the world. Triple chocolate buckwheat cookies aren't something that just pass me by unnoticed. That kind of recipe sees me out of bed and in the kitchen in seconds. I'd gathered up all the chocolate, peeled open my bag of buckwheat flour and got baking before anyone could have stopped me.

Very soon I had 20 chewy, dark, nutty, and wonderfully chocolatey cookies sitting in my cookie jar. The kitchen was a happier place, and the buckwheat flour has earned its position at the front of the baking drawer.

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