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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Baking Brioche

For at least one of the 24 hours we spent in Paris last month we were mooching around La Trésorerie. This beautiful space is quite literally a 'treasure trove' of homeware, cookware and bakeware. 

If I had an empty Parisian flat, it would be filled with everything from La Trésorerie. As I, sadly, don't have a little flat to fill en France, I had to be slightly more selective in my purchases than I would have liked to have been. One irresistible birthday present for myself was a brioche mould. Parisian breakfasts can now be enjoyed back in east London.

Following Justin Gellatly's classical and brilliant brioche recipe, a day or so after starting this process, a blossoming, warm, buttery loaf came out the oven and filled the kitchen with the most wonderful smell.

So Parisian breakfasts were a treat for a few days until we'd eaten our way through our brioche supplies, smeared with black cherry jam or dunked in a big mug of coffee. I need more breakfasts like this, so I think this weekend is going to be spent baking more brioche.

La Trésorerie, 11 rue du château d'eau, Paris

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