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Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Things & 3 More

So I've decided to alter this weekly Friday post a little. It will still include the 5 little moments of happiness in my life this week, but I also want to share with you 3 other articles or blog posts or images or whatever I stumble across in this wonderful world wide web that have interested, fascinated, or pleased me in the past five days.

Happiness this week has come from:

1. Snow. In London. Victoria Park at 7am was stunning.
2. Rhubarb syrup.
3. Black cherry jam.
4. Work rewards.
5. Soup.

This is a video of the most beautiful dancing at The Paris Opera - I'm now even more certain that Paris is where I belong. Those ruffles. Breath-taking.

A friend sent me an article about why the modern world is bad for my brain. Ironically, I read this on my phone, while baking brioche, and blogging. 

This article and these photos on long lasting love put a lump on my throat. One way to restore your faith in humanity and the heart.

Happy weekend! I hope it's filled with hot chocolate and hugs.


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