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Friday, 26 January 2018

27th Birthday Weekend

Since we moved abroad, I struggle with my birthday. In the darkest depths of January my mood is typically at a low, and this day is filled with work (always stressful on this day, always, no exceptions), cold, and a longing to be celebrating at home with the rest of my family. This year, B took it upon himself to boost my mood and spoil me, which I will be ever-grateful for.

The weekend before we ate everything bagels, went to members' early hours at MoMA to admire the amazing work of Louise Bourgeois, and soak up the sun of the empty Manhattan Streets (9am on a Saturday is the best time to go to Midtown). I ran a half-marathon in my fastest time on the most beautiful morning in Central Park, and Seb cheered my the whole way round. We feasted on pie at Four & Twenty Blackbirds, ate just-what-we-needed tacos at Oaxaca Taqueria, and melted our tongues and faces with the most amazing, but absolute spiciest dinner at Ugly Baby

The day itself was 24 hours of highs and lows. A wet and windy run was rewarded with a Green Kitchen Stories upside-down apple-pie-smoothie-granola creation which was bonkers and beautiful. The work day pushed me to my limits of patience, strength, and energy. But B turned the evening around with a bottle of Billecart-Salmon (after the day I'd had that bottle didn't last long), perfect ricotta and tomato pasta from Rachel Roddy's latest book, and, of course, the ever-famous Molly Yeh's funfetti cake (Yes, he baked for me. It's love.). So, this is 27. We're off to a rocky start, but it's going to move up from here with change, adventures, laughter, more running, and even more food.

This wasn't from this year! This is mum at my age and me at 5 months!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

December in London

We headed straight to London when we landed back home. A few festive, food-, family-, and friend-filled days were ours for the taking (with some work interspersed between meals). Our favorites included the prettiest curries and Indian snacks at Kricket, cacio e pepe at Padella (always), Emily Young's striking stone sculptures at St James' Piccadilly, post-flight fuel at Shawarma Bar, the Christmas windows at Ralph Lauren, a weekday lunch break at Oldroyd, an afternoon at my forever favorite Violet, breakfast at Pavilion Café, and a quick stop for doughnuts at Bread Ahead before the train home.

Slotting back into London life is almost scarily easy. Everything fits together seamlessly, we feel totally at home, connected to the people, and have even started to appreciate the monotonous weather. Back in NYC I miss London's grey warmth, the people who sound more like me, and my most loved places: this London love is never going away.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Home for the Holidays

We ran away from New York for a couple of weeks over Christmas. I've only been back in Brooklyn for a few days, but this peaceful time at home already feels like many moons ago. After a few days in London (photos of that time to come!), we split our time between my family and B's, with a day spent in Cambridge in the middle. It was restful, peaceful, easy, and I feel like a huge part of me has been left behind, in the place that will always be home.

Grey clouds were interspersed with dashes of sunlight. Soup and D's breakfast juice balanced out all the cheese and sweet treats. We ran and walked and read and slept. The pets got excessive amounts of love, and we decided Cambridge would be a wonderful place to live.
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