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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A Valentine's Date Night In

B and I have never been the couple who go and hold hands, gaze into each others eyes, whisper sweet nothings across a table with a red rose plonked in the middle, surrounded by other awkward couples on  Valentine's Day. 

Our first Valentine's day was spent sharing a chair, eating pasta off plastic plates, in the corner of a grimy college kitchen. Needless to say, things have improved a little since then.

This year we followed a menu straight out of Ashley Rodriguez's brilliant new book 'Date Night In'. It seemed rather perfect that while everyone else was out eating a fixed menu of all things pink, red, and heart shaped, we sat at home gorging on homemade pizzas and a crunchy sundried tomato-centric salad before plonking ourselves in front of a film with a huge jar of salty toffee popcorn. The best date night in. The best way to spend Valentine's day with my Valentine. 


  1. We made pizzas this year for Valentine's night too, it was the best. Way better than going out for dinner with everyone else :) x

  2. We also made pizza! And then ate pick n mix for dessert!


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