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Monday, 9 February 2015

Blood Orange Sorbet

B immediately started plotting and list-making when I received an ice-cream machine for my birthday this year. Every weekend since my birthday, this machine has been the axis which our weekend-world rotates around. 

Our local grocer was offering blood oranges at an irresistible price on the first weekend of this ice-cream machine's new life, and so our decision of where to start was made easily. Diana Henry presented us with a recipe which, although it sounded a little bizarre in places (rubbing the orange skin with sugar lumps), we trusted implicitly because, well, because it's Diana Henry. A Honey and Ricotta favourite.

This sorbet was bright, icy, fruity, sweet, and oh-so pretty (and coincidentally, in that shade of pink, it would also be totally perfect for Valentine's Day). The first sorbets of many that will grace this flat. New kitchen gadget, you are a welcome addition to our little home.

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