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Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Butcher's Daughter

The line to get into Katz's Deli was snaking round the block. Russ & Daughters had a 2 hour wait. We couldn't get through the front door of the Egg Shop. Day 1 as tour guide for my visiting family was not going according to plan. 

We eventually found a table at The Butcher's Daughter: gorging on pastrami and carbs was a distant dream. I'd like to think that those who had just arrived expecting to gain a few pounds in 6 days were perhaps pleasantly surprised as we tucked into freshly made juices and raw, vegan salads.

The rain poured down outside as we pretended to be basking in the Californian sunshine: bright yellow chairs, vegetable-focused puns on the servers t-shirts, enamel bowls with a yellow rim, and naturally vivid colours in everything we ordered. A zingy purple juice was just the right side of earthy, and a crunchy kale salad doused with seeds, a light vinaigrette and a perfectly ripe avocado was just what this tired body needed before the Christmas feasting really began.

The Butcher's Daughter, 19 Kenmare St, New York, NY 10012

Monday, 28 December 2015

Bar Boulud

The night before Christmas Eve, we made our way through the pouring rain to admire the magical spinning, sparkles and snowflakes that filled the stage in New York City Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Centre. 

After watching the sugar plum fairy perform the most spectacular sequence, we were exhausted and starving, and so rushed across the road, jumping across the puddles, and then shaking ourselves off like soggy dogs in the entrance of Bar Boulud.

A beautiful bottle of wine was poured, followed by some cheese gougères which landed on our table and disappeared in a matter of seconds. Simple butter lettuce salads and a platter of charcuterie was nibbled away at as we discussed how ballerinas spin without getting dizzy, whether it would ever stop raining, and how delicious the Jambon de Paris was.

We all then went our separate ways: maman and papa had a rich and classic coq au vin; B with a perfectly juicy chicken breast; T ordered pan-seared scallops; and I had moules frites. Well, we shared the frites.

Classic French food, cooked flawlessly, carefully, and served with a smile, this late-night post-theatre dinner at Bar Boulud made the perfect pre-Christmas family treat.

Bar Boulud, 1900 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

Friday, 18 December 2015

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy things from a challenging week:

1. Running with friends
2. B's Mexican Lasagna invention
3. Our advent calendar finally arrived (thank you maman!)
4. Fairy lights on the Christmas tree
5. Counting down until my family arrive on Tuesday...

3 things to read, watch and listen to this weekend:

2. Serial is back. I'm not sure it's better than ever. But it's back.

Happy weekend!


Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Easy Peasy Mince Pies

Despite the American love and obsession with pies, which range from wobbly pumpkin, to comforting apple, lattice-topped, crumble-topped, or bare and open, the British Christmas mince pie is something which has gone unnoticed in these fair lands.

With only two weeks to Christmas, our tree standing proudly in the middle of our apartment, Christmas tunes playing in the background, and a break from work desperately needed, I set about making a cheat's batch of mince pies.

I didn't stray from my usual path of following Dan Lepard's dark and rich mincemeat recipe, which, miraculously, can be started and ready for putting in pies in just a couple of hours, and Lily Vanilli's ever reliable sweet shortcrust pastry. When tea time rolled around, these star-topped mince pies had been dusted with icing sugar and were ready to be drizzled with cream and a dash of brandy. My favourite Christmas treat, and a nostalgic taste of home. Only our families were missing from a perfect December afternoon.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy moments from this week:

1. The lines of Christmas trees on Park Avenue.
2. Fancy drinks with friends old & new.
3. Fabulous pizza at Bruno.
4. Christmas music in the office.

3 things to read over this warm December weekend:

1. It's all sunshine and giggles in an interview with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.
2. More and more Ample Hills ice-cream can only be a good thing.
3. Panettone French Toast is definitely going to be this year's Christmas breakfast staple.

Have a magical weekend! We're off to buy out first Christmas tree. I am so excited.


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Bushwick Wanderings

We spent the better part of a rainy day strolling the streets of Bushwick, snapping away at all the art plastered to each and every wall, fueled by Roberta's pizza and topping up our energy levels with some pretty caffeine from the fabulously chic AP Café. With so much colour on all the building, Bushwick feels alive and active even on a grey December day.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy moments from this week:

1. Eating all the Honey & Co chocolate and pistachio cookies I baked at the weekend.
2. Getting rid of my cough.
3. B's spontaneous date night.
4. Finally, finally making it to a yoga class. 
5. That moment when the rain finally stopped.

3 things to read this weekend:

1. One day I will live in a French château and we'll have an olive harvest lunch too.
2. This bacon, egg and brussels carbonara will be gracing our dinner table one weeknight soon.
3. The story of Caitlin Doughty, an Artisanal Undertaker, really made me think.

Happy first weekend of December! Time to get these Christmas tunes playing!


Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fine & Raw Chocolate Factory

After lunching at Roberta's pizza I'd already been convinced that Bushwick was my new favourite New York 'hood. After devouring so many irresistible slices of pizza pie we walked round the corner to Fine & Raw's chocolate factory: if lunch hadn't been enough, this store ensured that Bushwick really had won me over.

All the chocolate made in this Bushwick factory is deemed 'raw' as the whole bean to bar process is completed under a set temperature. This, according to Daniel Sklaar, the owner and chief chocolatier, maintains the chocolate's essential, natural flavours which can be lost when over-heated and over-processed.

Fine & Raw's chocolates range from a silky smooth truffle chunky, to an exotic smoked sea salt bar, to delicate and beautiful handmade truffles: everyone will find their new favourite square of chocolate in this store. And the packaging will make sure you can't leave without at least a couple of different variations stowed away in your bag.

Next time I'll be going when I'm less full of pizza so I can make the most of their amazing smelling hot chocolate. And I'll be definitely be unable to leave the shop again without a pot of that chocolate dulce de leche - my Sunday morning waffles are feeling a little lonely without it.

Fine & Raw Chocolate, 288 Seigel Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
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