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Saturday, 5 December 2015

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy moments from this week:

1. Eating all the Honey & Co chocolate and pistachio cookies I baked at the weekend.
2. Getting rid of my cough.
3. B's spontaneous date night.
4. Finally, finally making it to a yoga class. 
5. That moment when the rain finally stopped.

3 things to read this weekend:

1. One day I will live in a French ch√Ęteau and we'll have an olive harvest lunch too.
2. This bacon, egg and brussels carbonara will be gracing our dinner table one weeknight soon.
3. The story of Caitlin Doughty, an Artisanal Undertaker, really made me think.

Happy first weekend of December! Time to get these Christmas tunes playing!


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