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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Swedish Chocolate Cake: Top with Cinnamon

I have baked three of these Swedish chocolate cakes in two weeks. I wish I was joking. This cake is far too easy for it's own good. And it's also taken me three attempts to perfect the balance between gooey and chewy.

This cake takes approximately 5 minutes to throw together: you'll spend as much time greasing the tin as you will mixing up all the ingredients. Melt the butter and then chuck everything else in. Give it a stir and in the oven it goes. 40 minutes max, from ingredients to cake.

When it's done it's gooey (but not quite as liquid as my first attempt), but chewy round the edges; it's chocolate-y and rich; it's that cake that you'll just have 'just another little slice' of, every time. Izy, it's all your fault that my jeans were a little tricky to get into this morning.

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