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Monday, 2 February 2015

Townmill Bakery, Lyme Regis

A Sunday morning in Lyme Regis: a stroll past the beautiful, pastel beach huts along the beach front, fossil hunting on the pebbled beaches, and lots of chasing our two small companions up and down hills as they raced around on their scooters, and finally a pause for a revitalising coffee at the Townmill Bakery.

Little did I know that Townmill Bakery, tucked away from the Lyme Regis thoroughfare, would be my paradise. I'd soon forgotten about my dreams of one day owning a pastel pink beach hut as I stepped inside this bakery: the open baking space, the piles of bread, the sacks of flour, the long wooden tables and benches, the muddled smell of fresh bread, yeast, and coffee, the friendly faces, the smiling customers... All my plots and plans of one day having my own place where people will gather and eat cake and drink coffee were suddenly presented to me in this magical place. All beach hut attentions transferred to bakery.

The modern yet rustic interior is a far cry from the twee Lyme Regis shops and restaurants, but this business has not been rejected as a piece of London intruding on Lyme. The Townmill Bakery welcomes all, is all about local (whether that be food or people), and is all about keeping things real. There's no false pretence, no attempt at being trendier than it is: it's self confident and modest, while it serves up the best coffee and sells the best bread in the happiest setting.

Townmill Bakery, 2 Riverside Studios, Coombe Street, Lyme Regis, DT7 3PY

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