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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Drink, Shop & Do

S was in London on a rare visit yesterday, so tea, cake and a catch up was in order. Somewhere central. After a little (read: long) time on Google, we settled on Drink, Shop & Do at Kings Cross. It was good place to settle.

The front of this café is a little gift shop selling sweets, cards, tea, and all sorts of brightly coloured bits and bobs which I struggle to walk past without buying. Up the stairs in front of you and you're greeted by multicoloured pom-poms, pastel coloured tables, vases of flowers, a bar covered in cakes, a lot of loud chatter and a few too many hen parties.

Grateful we weren't part of the hen parties in sky-high heels, fancy dress, feather boas and lots of inflatables (although I did quite fancy a heart-shaped lollipop), we settled down to a magically enormous pot of tea and a slice of cake.

Our waiter recited all one million cakes to us (he should have got a prize for that), and after a lot of deliberation, we settled on good-old carrot. Choice well made: spongey and light, but with the sweet carrots peaking through, gratefully not drowned in cream cheese frosting.

But the tea was the real highlight. A giant pot between us filled with the suitably named 'Alice in Wonderland' blend: Rooibos earl grey, honeybush, camomile, lavender, rose & cornflowers. Drinking pink tea out of vintage teacups was a wonderfully girly way to spend an afternoon, and did make us feel as if we were in a wonderland.


  1. I've never actually made it into Drink, Shop & Do but I think I will have to pop in now...

    I am, by the way, a big fan of its little brother next door, Drink, Shop & Dash, the speciality coffee wing of Drink, Shop & Do :-)


  2. Drink, shop, do looks great- I knew about all the evening events they had there but this really makes me think I must pop along to try out some of those cakes during the day!

    1. You must you must! There really is far too much choice but they all look beautiful! x


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