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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Bill Granger: Chocolate Chunk Meringue Cake

Whenever B and I want to make a slightly-more-fancy-than-normal dinner, but we don't have the time to do that, Bill Granger's book 'Easy' is always pulled off the bookshelf. Well, off the huge pile of books on the floor as we have yet to create a bookshelf. It's a bit like playing Jenga.

Anyway, what I'm here to tell you about is not my lack of bookshelf, but about chocolate and pistachio meringue. Because that is clearly super exciting. Much more exciting than cookbook Jenga. I'm going to steal Bill's eloquent words here to describe this mass of meringue piled high with cream and filled with chunks of chocolate and crunchy pistachios. He writes 'Gooey melted chocolate and crunchy pistachios come together in this free-form chewy meringue'. He then goes on to mention something about pangs of guilt from eating it. I chose to ignore that. Pangs of guilt from eating chocolate meringue? I think not, Mr. Granger.

This was honestly the easiest meringue I've ever made, done with a delicate hand and a rough circle drawn on a piece of parchment paper, it explodes into a giant storm cloud of meringue, which is made even more giant with some freshly whipped cream and whatever you want to sprinkle on top. It tastes best as soon as it's made, so I recommend you eat it all in one evening, and ignore any guilt! Here's the recipe. Get in the kitchen.

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