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Monday, 19 May 2014

What Katie Ate: Easy Chocolate Cake

I rarely make chocolate centred puddings/cakes. I guess it's because I spend most my time kidding myself that if it has a slightly fruity hint, a sprinkle of wholemeal here, a few nuts and raisins there, then it's totally okay to eat for breakfast, to have more than one piece in a day, to nibble on when hungry in the middle of the night.

B got the option of rhubarb tart or chocolate cake on Saturday night. In the post-run energy-craving haze, he went for chocolate cake, lusting after all the calories he could lay his hands on.

Katie Quinn Davies' book 'What Katie Ate' is full of stunning photography, tables covered with food I want to dive into but leave the table as beautiful and trim as she is. Every time I reach for another slice of her easy chocolate cake, I convince myself that this must be possible.

She's right, this chocolate cake is easy, but it's not cheating. With an alcoholic taint, full of dark chocolate, and served with a drizzle of double cream, it is a fantastically grown up, sophisticated take on a simple chocolate cake. Served with a few summer berries it would be the perfect dinner party ending, but it's also rather delicious as it is, with a cup of strong black coffee on the side.

The recipe can be found here, but I really recommend her book for all of you food photography lovers out there. 

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