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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Spelt Flour Banana Loaf

Sophie Dahl's Spelt Flour Banana Bread

I haven't been able to get the perfect coffee and accompanying banana bread at 119 Lower Clapton off my mind this week. So when the weekend finally arrived, I had to make my own. It was the easiest solution. B and I are currently training for another half marathon, and 'wholesome' loaf cakes are turning out to be the best quick pre-run breakfast, getting us out the door with enough energy to last those 10 miles on a Saturday morning ASAP. 

Sophie Dahl's Spelt Flour Banana Bread

This time I moved away from the grown up sophistication of Ottolenghi's banana bread with tahini and instead followed Sophie Dahl's recipe for spelt flour banana bread. Super simple, almost healthy (it's brown sugar, so that's good for you right?), and consequently a perfect breakfast.


  1. Hi Hannah. It's Kit. What a coincidence that I happened upon your blog, and then the next morning ran into you mum at Monmouth. She mentioned you'd been looking for some baking work etc. and had tried for Violet but they had nothing available. Yet another coincidence...Claire Ptak asked me yesterday if I knew anyone for a kitchen position coming up in about a month, and I thought of you. Similarly...my friend Kitty Travers of La Grotta Ices (lagrottaices.tumblr.com) also has some work available which would be great fun.

    Stay in touch and keep writing up recipes. Hopefully we'll bump into each other some time.


  2. Hello Kit! Mum said that she'd seen you. Makes me so happy to hear from you! I tried Violet at the wrong time, she needed a shop manager and wouldn't have had a baking one for a while (until now it seems!). It's a real shame and now I'm super busy where I am. But I will keep my eyes out for both of those - thank you! I hope that all's well with you.

    You too. I'll try and drop by 40 Maltby St/Monmouth (is that where you still are?) some time soon!



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