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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


B and I had a few things to celebrate so a dinner à deux was in order. I wanted pasta. So we went to Trullo.

We first ate at Trullo almost two years ago (I thought it was last year but stand corrected). Since that first visit we have talked about going back (for a year longer than I thought - our conversations clearly don't change much), and have sent many friends and family members. Everyone has left with glowing reports. And so finally we returned. After so many months of talk and fond memories, thankfully there was no disappointment. We left with happier memories.

A G&T laced with fresh sage, and bread dipped in vibrant olive oil to get us going. A view into the kitchen made for a happy me all evening, and left B with a strained neck from looking behind him to see what I found so endlessly fascinating.

B chose the wine and immediately forgot what he'd ordered so I'm afraid I can't document that for you. But it was yummy and fresh and light and so pretty. 

I'm a sucker for mozzarella and so had torn up pieces of the beautiful stuff draped over rather pale but surprisingly tasty for the time of year flower shape tomatoes. I know these have a proper name, but I prefer flower tomatoes. Delicate and delicious. B went straight in for the pasta. No hanging around with this one, straight to the point. Sausage ragú with pappardelle. I don't think I need to tell you that this was amazing. But I do need to tell you that they had zested in a little bit of orange, which was initially surprising yet soon refreshing and light. Sausage and orange - who'd've thunk it? Genius.

Tagliatelle with mussels and chilli for me. A cleverly selfish order as B claims to have a shellfish allergy. Well done me. A plate of heaven all to myself. I was a super happy bunny and would have happily left there and then. But B had still to finish his lamb shoulder with braised fennel aioli. He is forcing me now to write that the aioli really 'cut through' the fennel and meat. Pretentious blogger term in this blog post now achieved. Thanks B. Perhaps not the best looking dish, but there were only approving noises coming from the other side of the table.

And we still ordered more. We had both decided far earlier evening that we had to have the almond and nespoli tart. So we did and it was heaven. And then I really was too full and too happy and had to go to bed.

We're already talking about going back. Watch this space for another two years to fly by before we return.

Highlight: Pasta
Lowlight: There is no lowlight

Trullo, 300-302 St Paul's Road, London, N1 2LH

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