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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Towpath Café

B and I have run past the Towpath Café on Regent's Canal many, many times. Every time I've looked with envy at the happy people sitting in the sun, sipping coffee, tucking into breakfast, cake, coffee, cocktails and lunch while I trot on past, admiring the eclectic mix of furniture and the tiny, narrow kitchen right which almost pours out on to the pathway. Today being recovery day, we meandered up the canal at a slower pace, moving aside to let the runners and cyclists pass, admiring the warehouses with beautiful balconies and long windows overlooking the waterway, until we arrived at breakfast. 

We looked around dubiously as there was a spare table in the sun that noone was fighting over on this bizarrely sunny Sunday morning. It was only when I realised that we were there really rather early for a Sunday (sleeping in is not my forte) that it all made sense. Coffees soon arrived and a little while later (lots of rumbling from my tummy by this point), breakfast followed. Creamy, steaming porridge with caremaly oranges and lumps of melting dark brown sugar for me. Why is it that no porridge I ever make at home is as good as this? Something I plan to rectify soon. I think it might have to involve dismissing porridge as a healthy start to my day. B had the simply described 'Fried eggs on toast'. Simple it was, but in the best way. Slices of lightly toasted sourdough piled high, with runny yolked fried eggs layered on top, the edges crispy and dark. As a final flourish, the buttery frying liquids had been poured over the top. Yum was the consensus. More proof that butter is always a good thing.

A perfect breakfast spot for a sunny weekend morning. Get there early before the crowds arrive, as they did when we got up to leave.

Towpath Café, Regent's Canal Towpath, N1 5SB

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