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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

One Girl Cookies

There was a limit to the number of times I could walk past this pastel-colored, cake-filled window, with a sign hanging off it which simply reads 'Cookies'. This morning, as I walked past for the 100th time (this heavenly little place is less than a block away, so I really do walk past it at least twice a day), I cracked, and made my way through the white gate into the dreamy bakery which is One Girl Cookies.

An antique display case holds cookies (and lots of what we'd call biscuits, rather than cookies, back home), in all shapes and sizes. On vintage cake stands sit layered cakes with perfect buttercream frosting, and cupcakes with spikes of icing and dashes of colourful sprinkles.

B had been worried that One Girl Cookies would be too twee, too florals and frosting heavy. But the modern, minimalist touches ensure that the café remains the right side of tasteful: if I were to create a bakery (yep, still dreaming), it would look something like this.

A vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting came on a beautiful bright blue plate and a cup of filter coffee was served in a clean-lined, minimal mug.

I sat on the benches and chairs in the long, narrow space which, when the sun shines, spills out on to the tree-lined street, licking chocolate frosting from my fingers and sipping on my coffee, while studying the family tree which is painted like a mural on to the long white-washed wall.

The cupcake was light and fluffy, the icing chocolatey-rich but not over-sweet or over-rich. And the sprinkles were as fabulous and happily colorful as sprinkles always are.

One Girl Cookies, 68 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


  1. This looks like the most divine place!! Just spied on their website they do whoopie pies too - incredible!!

    CB x

    1. It is so beautifully perfect! They do they do - I'll be going back for one of those very soon! X


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