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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mid-September at Union Square Greenmarket

While Autumn seems to be in full swing back home in chilly England (I can confirm this having spoken to my family earlier this week who were all wrapped up in scarves and wooly jumpers), Fall is only very slowly, very subtly, beginning to show his face round here.

I missed the Farmers' Market last week as we flew back to the UK for a far too brief family weekend. Returning to Union Square Greenmarket this week, change was in the air. Pumpkins and gourds had started to appear, but iced tea, peaches and sunflowers were also still there.

The last of the corn was heaped on the tables as before, but each cob is so much smaller: they'd almost halved in size. I couldn't resist just one more corn salad so walked away with 5 ears of corn to make a much more minimal supper than this would have previously provided.

Tomatoes are still laid out on the tables, but they don't dominate every stall as they did a fortnight ago. They're fading away to make room for the autumnal veggies, but I find the colourful, bright and juicy heirloom selections to be completely irresistible while they're still there. I just had to make sure I was there early enough that I didn't miss out.

White peaches remain piled high, but they now find themselves with a new neighbour: the first of the season's apples. Seeing, smelling and tasting these crunchy, crisp apples had me smiling like a cheshire cat: I won't be too sad to watch the peaches fade away if all the space they occupied will be filled with these local, unusual, organic apples.

I was weighed down on my journey back home, carefully protecting the dahlias I'd bought on a last moment whim: they were too much to resist.

This shop became:

Peaches and plums decorated our breakfast bircher muesli
Tomatoes were sliced and drizzled with olive oil, crushed garlic and torn basil leaves.
... And the dahlias are decorating B's desk

Union Square Greenmarket, East 14th Street, Park Avenue South & Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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