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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Home Frites

We were two hungry people spending a Sunday exploring Brooklyn: it as probably inevitable that we ended up at Smorgasburg. With a cone full of truffle chips fries.

Smorgasburg is NYC's version of Street Feast for you Londoners, and for you non-Londoners, Smorgasburg describes itself as a 'Brooklyn flea food market' i.e. all the newest, finest and tastiest street food vendors come together every weekend and make sure no one leaves with an empty stomach. The weekend we visited was this market's last weekend at Brooklyn Bridge Park before it moves to Prospect Park for the rest of the Sundays until November.

We resisted joining the long, snaking queue line for the famous ramen burgers, and instead joined the slightly shorter thread of people waiting for a cone of Home Frites: Belgian fries, Brooklyn style.

After disputing which fries, which sauce, which fries, which sauce, for a (long) while, we settled on: Truffle fries 'tossed in black truffle oil, parmesan cheese and fresh herbs. Served with a side of our lemon garlic aioli'. I mean, it was futile to try and resist. These handcut fries were perfectly crisp and seasoned - a far cry from the standard super salty, soggy, potato-free American concept of 'French fries' which are far too widely known and eaten. Wonderfully truffled, with a generous serving of citrusy aioli, we munched our way through the huge (we've still not got used to these American serving sizes) portion, as we strolled down the rest Brooklyn Bridge Park, gazing at the magical views of Manhattan as we went.

Home Frites can be found at Smorgasburg every weekend. For locations, see here.

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