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Monday, 7 September 2015

Mile End Deli

B had a very excited smile on his face when he learned that, when we moved into our new apartment, Mile End Deli would be our new local. Saturday was a day which involved a couple of trips to IKEA (thank you B), a tantrum in IKEA (not my finest moment), and screwing together a lot of flat-packed furniture. By the time Sunday came around, it was time to reward ourselves with brunch at Mile End Deli.

Iced coffees kicked us awake, and cooled down my still burning thumbs (so many turns of allen keys had left them rather red and sore). Made with coffee beans from one of Brooklyn's favourite roasters, Stumptown, these were the best Summer Sunday refreshment.

Unable to settle on what exactly we wanted, we shared a muddled collection of delicious things, making sure we left out a few key items so that we had an excuse to come back very soon (I think we're both hoping for next weekend). One of the owner's of the deli is Canadian so there's a slight Canadian twist on the otherwise classic Jewish deli menu. With that in mind we introduced ourselves to the indulgent dish which is poutine - crunchy chips fries doused in cheese curds and a gravy-esque sauce. Comfort food at it's finest.

To counteract those soul-warming deep-fried potatoes, we crunched our way through this kale and whitefish caesar with lightly-pickled red onions and rye croutons. A far cry from the cream-drenched, squidgy (and not in a good way) lettuce filled caesar we're used to, this one was citrusy, zingy and light - everything a good salad should be.

But B couldn't resist ordering the Hoyt Dog too. A beef frankfurter, relish and sauerkraut, in a toasted bun: it only took B a few bites to devour this deli staple. With full bellies, we rolled round the corner back home, already planning what we'll order on our next visit.

Mile End Deli, 97a Hoyt Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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