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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Green Kitchen Stories: Spiced Parsnip Cake

I've gone back to the semi-healthy root cake already. This carrot and parsnip loaf was so wonderful, that I couldn't hold off trying Green Kitchen Stories' spiced parsnip cake any longer.

Perhaps it's because these veg-filled creations feel not-so-bad-for-you. I don't need to feel quite so guilty going back for a second slice while everyone else is busy drinking kale juice for the whole of this month. Or perhaps it's because after an exhausting day, they take so little effort and concentration to put together that the cake can be in the oven before my brain and body have realised what I'm doing.

Filled with parsnips, olive oil, spices and honey, this cake is packed full of flavours that all come together in a moist (sorry) mixture, before being covered in a frosting as healthy as frosting can be. A second slice is definitely allowed with all that goodness crammed into a cake shape. 

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