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Monday, 16 June 2014

Scandilicious: Cinnamon Spelt Pancakes

I think the first word I said on Sunday morning was pancakes. I'm not sure I said much else until I'd eaten a pile of them.

We were short on plain flour but had lots of that spelt stuff sitting in the cupboard, so stumbled (via google) upon Signe Johansen's recipe for cinnamon spelt pancakes. It was a fortunate stumbling. 

The nutty flavour of the spelt, the warmth of plenty of cinnamon, the bubbly texture and the sheer quantity of batter, meant B and I whiled away a very happy Sunday morning in our pyjamas working through pancake after pancake after pancake. 

We raided the kitchen for anything we could find to heap on top. Frozen berries became a berry compôte after a little bit of sugar and a rather lot of heat were added, fresh raspberries, yoghurt, double cream, lemon juice, runny honey... I wish every morning could be a Sunday morning so I could linger over pancakes for breakfast for hours. 

The recipe can be found here. Give them a go next time you wake up and know that it's a pancake day.

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