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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Diana Henry: Cherry and Almond Cake

We're just back from a wonderfully typically British picnic and opera in the pouring rain in the gardens of a rambling country house with perfectly sculpted gardens.

B was on cooking duty, and knocked up a batch of Green Kitchen Stories' baked pistachio and herb falafel. I was on baking. Making use of maman's new birthday cookbook, Diana Henry's A Change of Appetite, I set my heart upon the goosebery, almond and spelt cake. But there weren't any gooseberries around. So it became cherry instead. Not my own idea - Diana suggests it in a helpful little note at the bottom of the page.

It was eaten sheltering from the pouring rain, huddled together grabbing at any falling crumbs, the caramelised edges sticky and chewy, cherries sweet and pretty, and almonds doing their usual wonderful job of keeping the cake full of moisture and texture. We like to think we were the envy of all the other picnic-ers with this cake, but it was probably just our sheltered location which they were eyeing up.

Recipe can be found here. For the cherry version, switch the blueberries with 500g pitted cherries and proceed as described.

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