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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dan Lepard: Chocolate Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich

Other B was coming for dinner so lots of pasta and then lots of chocolate had to be the evening's menu. (L was coming too, but she has less rigid dietary wishes). A sudden desire for ice-cream sandwiches took me to Dan Lepard's dark chocolate chunk cookies. 

He of course uses his own ice-cream. But I am ice-cream machine-less (one of the few essential gadgets missing from my kitchen), and so bought in had to do. 

The cookies are soft and chewy. Other B gave them his biggest compliment, saying they were better than Sainsbury's. Flattered. With a generous scoop of ice-cream in the middle conversation went quiet until we were all defeated. The intense chocolate content of the cookies had gone to our heads.

Recipe can be found here, hidden away in the variations section at the bottom!


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    1. Thank you! I hope you like them if you get a chance to make them.


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