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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Breddos Tacos at Trip Kitchen

After David Lebovitz's talk in the Trip Kitchen space on Monday, we spied the menu for Breddos Tacos which normally occupies this space and decided we had to go back soon. Maman and papa were up in London again this week, so we went to test the Mexican fare with them. 

Cocktails all round to start with: a frozen margarita for me (heaven), non-frozen ones for Papa and B. Papa's only complaint was that it was far too easy to drink. Dangerous game. Maman went down the non-Mexican route and had a Campari Spritz - not authentic but not bad nonetheless.

A generous portion of crispy tortilla chips and holy moly guacamole disappeared in seconds. I'm in love with avocado. Thankfully there was more to come.

Confronted with the menu, we couldn't make a decision, and so ordered almost everything. Good decision.

Buttermilk fried chicken with habanero and a squeeze of lime made for some pretty awesome chicken nuggets (even if they weren't quite as good as those of the Ten Bells and the Clove Club).

Charred spring onions, sour cream and queso fresco were charred and crunchy and have started a love affair between me and queso fresco.

Grilled corn on the cob, lime butter and cumin was as sweet and salty as corn on the cob should be. And was stuck in my teeth for the rest of the evening. No surprises there.

Tacos-wise we went for chestnut mushroom and peanuts (having got over the confusion when Papa missed the word taco above this section and thought they were charging £5 for two peanuts...), and crispy fish tacos. I need more fish tacos in my life.

Street salad with jalapeño and lime dressing to get some vegetables in us. Shredded veg and vibrant dressings makes a great salad.

From the plancha the jalapeño (again) and orange glazed chicken wings with avocado mojo were deeeeelicious. Yum. Lip-smackingly good. Apart from the stupid smear with the avo which showed the hints of a Masterchef influence, these were perfection. Sea bream with super spicy samphire burned my mouth a bit too much, and a few gulps of wine were needed to help alleviate the pain.

B was sad we hadn't had the day's special, so that was then ordered too: sardines stuffed with 'nduja. Spicy again, but we could cope with this level of heat. This was a surprisingly fabulous combination (again, ignoring the silly dots of sauce on the plate).

We skipped pudding - Missisippi mud pie would have been far too much after all that - and just managed to resist another cocktail. It was a school night after all.

Highlight: Avocado
Lowlight: Dots and smears of sauce

Breddos Tacos, TripSpace, 339-340 Acton Mews, London, E8 4DG

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