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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Rose Bakery Lemon Loaf

What do you do when it's a spring Satuday afternoon, you have people coming for tea, and no cake has been planned, no ingredients bought? Make lemon cake. Obvs.

Not one of Rose Carrarini's healthiest numbers. But definitely one of her best. The recipe can be found in her chic book, 'Breakfast, Lunch, Tea'. Simple, spongey, bright, and perfectly citrusy. With a sugary sweet lemon icing, which does wonders for the photos...

I actually ended up using one goose egg instead of the four eggs asked for. A new one for me. It seemed to be a fairly accurate substitution. The yolk of the egg being so large, the cake was definitely richer, and more perfectly Easter yellow than it would have otherwise been. Even if I did have problems cracking into the thing. 

Serve on a blustery but warm spring day, with many cups of tea.

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