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Saturday, 26 April 2014


I have been raving to B about Kêu (a popular working lunch location), for a while now. So it was that after a long training run on Saturday morning that he insisted we drop by for lunch. This little place on Old Street makes the most wonderful bánh mì. If you've not discovered bánh mì yet you're missing out. They are Vietnamese sandwiches and they are fabulous. At least they are here.

Kêu's bread has a perfectly crispy crust and is soft and pillowy in the middle, the vegetables are always deliciously lightly pickled, and the meat, whichever option you chose, is, well, for want of better words, just so yummy. B was impressed, I was happy. The gap left in my stomach after that 9 mile run was filled. A bitter sweet Vietnamese iced coffee helped me out the door and on with the day, a little boost into the afternoon.

Highlight: Cruncy and soft bánh mì
Lowlight: The effect on my waist line

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