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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

On the Bab

It seems I can no longer hide my slightly obsessive personality. This time it's a Korean obsession.

My now less-new office is rather too conveniently close to the now less-new Old Street restaurant, On the Bab. Every visit, I am incapable of showing any sign of reserve always order too many things. But how can I stop such a trait, when everything I've tried has been delicious? There's never a problem of there being food left to waste, rather there is just a problem of me being uncomfortably full afterwards. Complete lack of self control my end -  my eyes are much bigger than my stomach.

Busy at lunch, busy in the evenings, this little restaurant is always buzzing. And there's many a good reason why. Soju cocktails stirred with lemon, honey, and tonic water, or a sojito for B were both sweetly perfect, if a little slow to arrive. Fried chicken came in an enormous portion, with Korean slaw on the side. Fluffy Hirata buns stuffed full with beef and sweetly spiced sauce. Huge portions of rice and vegetable fritters. Stir fried spicy pork with vegetables and cheese sounded bizarre but tasted perfect. All served in perhaps not very original enamelware, by waiters in marine-striped t-shirts. Of course brick walls and wooden chairs accompany this. This is Hoxton after all. 

I was too greedy to get any really great pictures. Apologies. The meat was fantastic, and a vegetarian might feel slightly left out. But there are options, and maybe it's just that my eyes are more drawn to fried chicken than they are to more vegetable fritters.

Highlight: Hirata buns. Obsessed.
Lowlight: Service. Far. Too. Slow.

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