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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

North Fork Food Truck, Long Island

Our lunch on Shelter Island had succeeded in getting all of us totally hooked on this upmarket food truck scene. So the next day, we hunted down North Fork Table & Inn's food truck, aptly named North Fork Food Truck.

I can't believe that there's a more perfect food truck to be found anywhere. Well, the setting could be improved (let's move it from a parking lot to the beach), and maybe it would be parked next to an ice cream truck serving me dessert, but apart from that, this food truck was totally wonderful.

As we were eating with my family, none of us were allowed to order the same thing (every meal counts as work, don't ya know), so we managed to sample a significant amount of the menu. All the rolls and sandwiches and fries on our table got some incredibly vigorous nods of approval, had to pose for many a photo (for work purposes, obvs), and led to a long discussion about how exactly you go about creating such a perfect lobster roll.

Between us we devoured a lobster roll (yes, I have expensive taste), pulled pork with jalapeño pickles, pork banh mì, a totally magical black bean burger that would have convinced all meat-eaters that being vegetarian can be delicious, and a side of fries with chipotle aioli. If we'd stayed longer, we'd have returned multiple times. After a breakfast of lemon and ricotta pancakes, of course. But alas, work beckoned (and American holiday allowance is truly disastrous), so the second opportunity to spend an hour devouring all the lobster rolls and black bean burgers possible will have to wait until our next trip to this dreamy, inspiring, and peaceful fork of Long Island.

North Fork Food Truck, 57225 Main Road, Southold, NY 11971

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