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Saturday, 9 July 2016

North Fork Roasting Co, Long Island

North Fork is essentially a group of Brooklyn-ites, who drove out of the city, and sprawled themselves along one long road, weaving off on to side streets, and carried on living just as they did when they called Red Hook home. If you were to be taken, blindfolded, to North Fork Roasting Co in Southold, you would probably guess you were in south Brooklyn, and not by the ocean on Long Island. 

If you drink coffee, even only rarely, North Fork Roasting Co is a key pit-stop on your Long Island trip. This café disguises itself as a house sitting on the side of the main road running through Southold, with an eclectic collection of vintage furniture sprawled on the lawn, a sixties student-style coffee room inside, and an old-school coffee roasting machine in the back. There's no doubting how recently roasted the beans were for the cup of coffee you're about to enjoy: When the staff here aren't making your coffee or baking your muffins, they're taking care of transforming these coffee beans into something you really, really want to drink.

Go in the summer, make sure you opt-in to coffee ice cubes (why would you ever turn down coffee ice cubes), devour a cinnamon roll and a blueberry muffin, and stay awhile, perhaps with another coffee in hand, on the rickety furniture, in the eccentric garden by the road.

North Fork Roasting Co, 55795 Main Road, Southold, NY 11971

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