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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Magic Fountain, Long Island

At first glance, Magic Fountain looks like a terrible road side ice cream stop, which will serve sickly sweet, overly processed ice cream. The next time you drive past you might read the sign and see that it lists flavors like avocado, vegan pomberri, and kulfi, and realize that this may not be your average, suburban ice cream parlor after all. The next next time you drive past, it's late, you've been out for a swanky dinner, you skipped dessert, and all of a sudden, there is nothing you want more in the world than a giant waffle cone piled high with peanut butter fudge and s'mores ice cream.  

So that's what we did. After a fancy dinner at North Fork Table & Inn, Papa missed the turning back to our Airbnb, and we rather fortunately ended up on Magic Fountain's front steps. Obviously, we make the most of the wrong turn and go inside to order our waffle cone filled with peanut butter fudge and s'mores ice cream. We were handed an ice cream as big as my head, and ate it sitting on the bench outside, in front of the hilarious ice cream wall painting, racing the summer heat to devour our sweet, salty, nutty, creamy dessert before it all melted onto the sidewalk. 

It turns out, thanks to some post-visit research, that Magic Fountain is considered to be the best ice cream on the North Fork, according to various not-always-trustworthy websites. I can vouch for its magical tastiness.

Magic Fountain, 9825 Main Road, Mattituck, NY 11952

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