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Monday, 4 July 2016

Love Lane Kitchen, North Fork

Apologies for yet another ginormous silence. Things have been busy in these parts. A crazy week of work and work events ended with a long weekend (four days - probably known as a proper vacation in this country), with maman and papa out on the North Fork of Long Island. Then there were a couple of days back in the city, filled with ice cream and post-work drinks, and then maman and papa caught us up back in NYC and we've had another wonderful (and long) weekend of sun, blue skies, and so, so much food. Anyway, there's my excuse for the extended lack of words written on this little space of the internet, but fret not, I'm back.

We rented an adorable house on AirBnb for our stay on Long Island. It was tucked away in Mattituck, on a goose-filled inlet, and only a two mile jog/cycle ride/drive from the beach. And it was less than a mile to the best pancakes I've tasted since we moved to the U S of A. These said pancakes can be found at Love Lane Kitchen.

Before we arrived at North Fork we only had to do five minutes of research to discover that Love Lane Kitchen's lemon and ricotta pancakes were made of magical unicorn substances. So, after a slow jog to the beach and back, our main priority on our first North Fork morning was to get ourselves in front of a couple of plates of those pancakes.

Accompanied by iced coffees, fresh juices (from The Giving Room in Southold, just down the road), and limitless coffee, maman and I tucked into the fluffiest, lightest, zestiest, lemon and ricotta pancakes, covered in maple syrup, extra berries, and in my case (because I'm the greediest) a few knobs of butter. We obviously went back for more, later in the trip, and for some reason I didn't beg for the recipe. I fear that when I'm on my deathbed, this will be one of my biggest life regrets. 

While maman and I worked our way through all of our pancakes, papa limited himself to eggs with kale and avocado (too much raw kale for anybody's liking), and B went all out and had cheesecake stuffed French toast. I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you that cheesecake-stuffed French toast is a wondrous meal which everyone should be treated to regularly, especially when on holiday/vacation.

If you ever stay anywhere on the North Fork don't drive by the pancakes. Your trip will be 100 times better if you stop for a serving (or four) of them.

Love Lane Kitchen, 240 Love Lane, Mattituck, NY 11952

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