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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Orient Village

I genuinely jumped for joy when B, doing his research the day before we left for Long Island, told me there was a Four and Twenty Blackbirds outlet a few miles from our AirBnb on the North Fork. So after our morning run to Bailie beach, our lemon and ricotta pancakes, and a walk and sunbathe at the stunning Orient State Park, we set off on a hunt for a slice of pie.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds is one of our all time favorite New York locations, serving the most wonderful pies, and, as Coop would say, a "damn fine cup of coffee". Typically we eat our way through the perfect fruit pie at Gownus, but this Orient location really trumps Brooklyn when it comes to location. 

Orient Village is one of the most picturesque places I have ever visited. The white houses with carefully colored shutters line the silent streets and elegant coast line. A few shops selling baskets (which I obviously couldn't resist buying), art, gifts, aprons, and houses are dotted down the main street. The locals travel around on upright bicycles with baskets on the front, or, if not, they have a golf buggy for the same purpose parked in their drive. The only sounds are the gentle chatter if friendly neighbors and retired friends, waves crashing on the sore, and seagulls flying overhead. We looked into buying a house there and then, but, sadly, (and somewhat unsurprisingly), they're rather out of our budget. I'll try again in a few years time.

So this slice of pie was enjoyed not with a view of the pungent Gowanus canal, but gazing out at my dream home (obviously being set opposite Four and Twenty Blackbirds is a requirement for every dream home). Rhubarb crumble pie was tart, and just sweet enough, the coffee was iced and strong, and papa's salted caramel apple pie was as perfect as that particular pie always, always is. It took a lot of self-control and lobster rolls to resist stopping at the slightly-out-of-the-way pie shop every afternoon. 

Four and Twenty Blackbirds in Orient is only open during the summer months, so make sure you hurry to get there before the season's up.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds, 1010 Village Lane, Orient, NY 11957

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