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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Raspberry Custard Cake

Apologies for the radio silence. Moving flat and having flu in one weekend was not conducive to blogging. But now the move is complete (save, for a few key issues), and the flu is slowly disappearing from my tired body.

All of this meant B's birthday on Saturday was not what it should have been. Walking up and down flights of stairs with heavy bags and boxes, trying to keep a girl at breaking point calm and stop her from passing out, doing all he could to stay smiling when the key to the new flat broke in the lock... B had a challenging day to say the least.

Having said that he did get cake. And the cake wasn't half bad. Alice Hart's raspberry custard cake was devoured at random times throughout Saturday, the much needed sugar rush bringing us all back to life before we dove in to more piles of boxes. This is a summer cake, and a cake for a special occasion. Usefully, it's also pretty hardy and survived a car journey from flat to flat balanced on my knee, a couple of hours left out in the sunshine, and lots of flights of stairs: that's a good test for a cake.

Recipe can be found here. Please make it at least once this summer. 

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