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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Eggs Florentine

It was normal Saturday morning, a trip to Broadway market, coffee at Climpson & Sons, lots of cake oggling, fish purchasing at Fin and Flounder, and a stroll through London Fields to E5 Bakehouse to buy the best bread around. As we selected our loaf (raisin and walnut this week for those of you who are interested), I spied some freshly baked English Muffins. As soon as I'd seen them I turned to B and exclaimed 'Eggs Florentine!'. His eyes lit up; two were added to our bread purchase.

So on Sunday morning, after a rainy Victoria Park run (I am really enjoying only doing a normal size run now that that half-marathon is over!), we set about creating a very late breakfast of Eggs Florentine.

A few nervous, fluttery butterflies in my stomach as it was the first time we had made hollandaise. All I had heard about making it was that it was really tricky and often went wrong. This was not what I wanted resounding in my head as I put my life (breakfast is life) in Felicity Cloake's hands, trusting that her trials of multiple hollandaise recipes had led her to the best solution. After many, many minutes and much whisking, it started to come together: I had a rich, creamy, silky hollandaise in my saucepan. I did a little jump for joy.

The muffins were toasted and buttered, the spinach was wilted, the eggs were poached, and the hollandaise was poured over. A sprinkling of pepper and we dove in. B declared it the best breakfast we've made. That's a compliment. 

E5 Bakehouse, Arch 395, Mentmore Terrace, London, E8 3PH.

Felicity Cloake's recipe for the perfect hollandaise can be found here.

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