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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Raspberry and Blueberry Friands

This weekend is moving day, and also B's birthday. This means I need to bake a cake and move flat, which is logistically rather tricky. B then told me that the done thing in his office is to take in a cake when it's your birthday. Seems a bit topsy-turvy to me to have to buy your own cake to share with your colleagues, but hey ho, that seems to be the rules in London city.

So I've started the cake baking journey a little early with some little friands for B to take in to his friends in the office to celebrate his birthday one day earlier on Friday. Now I just have to hope he doesn't mind that I've made them heart-shaped. Oops.

Katie Quinn Davies' recipe for raspberry friands, which takes pride of place on the front of her book, is perhaps what drew me in to buy 'What Katie Ate' in the first place. This was a purchase which I've never regretted, and these friands are enough of an explanation why. Super simple, almondy, light, and dotted with sweet berries. Love at first sight. Especially when covered in icing sugar and served with fresh berries on the side. (I doubt B will be doing this bit in the office). 

The recipe can be found here (and Katie's just started blogging again - wahoo!). As you can tell I switched some raspberries for blueberries, just to mix things up a bit. Maybe all the 4th July red, blue and white posts around the blogosphere recently have gone to my head.

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