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Monday, 7 July 2014

Grilled Vegetables, Ricotta & Basil

I am embarrassingly aware of how little 'normal' food I talk about on this blog. By 'normal' food I mean food to live on and eat daily i.e. not cake, cookies and coffee. Although thinking about it I do eat most those things daily, just not three times a day. When I saw M on a brief trip to Bristol last month she mentioned that I should write about more day-to-day food, more savoury food, more normal meals. No less cake in this little internet space, but mix up the cake with some savoury too. I need to find that perfect balance between naughty and nice which everyone craves in life.

So after that rather longer than I had planned for ramble, I'm going to tell you what we cobbled together for a late, post-tennis and a little bit too much Pimms Sunday evening supper. It's not really a recipe, lots of you carnivores would say it's not even really a meal. But it was a plate full of food that made me happy, that was simple and healthy, pretty and tasty.

At Broadway Market on Saturday we'd bought some buffalo milk ricotta. As you may have guessed I am in love with ricotta, and there was no way I was leaving that stand without some ricotta in my bag. We dropped by the Turkish shop on the way back from the tennis, picked up a few vegetables, threw them under the grill, chopped some basil into a generous amount of olive oil and bashed it together with a pestle and mortar for a while. When a slight charring smell started wafting from the oven, B flipped the veg over, and returned it to the grill for a little while longer until it was sufficiently dark and soft.

All was thrown into a bowl, the creamy and super-rich ricotta sprinkled over, and the basil oil poured on top. Tossed. Served. Yum. Very little effort, very lot of taste.

FYI veg-wise we used two courgettes, one super long red pepper, one aubergine, a couple of cloves of garlic, and a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes. That's as much as a recipe as you need. Promise.

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