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Saturday, 5 November 2016

5 Things & 3 More

5 happy things from the last 5 days:

1. Apple pie and upstate apples provided by a thoughtful friend.
2. Being busy. It means I haven't had a moment to talk to y'all, but it sure is better than being bored.
3. Lasagna. B made a huge homemade lasagna on Sunday and we've bean eating through it all week.
4. Caring friends. I fell rather badly out running with the club on Thursday morning and have been showered with kind texts and emails checking on me ever since.
5. Savasana. This was just what I needed at the end of the working week.

3 things to read this weekend:

1. A complete guide of where to find the best pie in NYC.
3. Lauren Conrad's home surely embodies every girls' kitchen dreams.

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