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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Grand Army Bar

Grand Army Bar was one of the places on my New York summer bucket list that never got crossed off. So rather than going on a warm summer's night, where the windows are wide open, and cocktails are served in ceramic pineapples, we instead went on a cold November evening, where pineapples are swapped for elegant glasses filled with serious, smoky cocktails, and a roaring fire warms the room.

We sat at the oyster bar (despite skipping the oysters) and ordered one Smoking Gun for B (because he knows how to order a drink) and one Pineapple Primary for me (because I can't quite accept that it's winter yet). The Smoking Gun was as serious, smoky, and soothing as a drink made up of aged rum, pot still black rum, toasted cinnamon, whisky, and bitters should be. This is what I intend to sip by the fire all winter long. I just need to find a fire. And while the Pineapple Primary was initially disappointing due to the lack of pineapple serving vessel, it's fresh, slightly spiced, citrus-sour flavors more than made up for it. More fruity cocktails need to be topped with pepper tincture and pink peppercorns. We sipped our way to the bottom of the glasses, debated having another, and, it being the day after Thanksgiving, decided against it. A healthy, turkey-free dinner at home and early night beckoned.

Grand Army Bar, 366 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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