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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Westcombe Dairy

I nearly crashed the car multiple times driving around the tiny, interwoven lanes in the hilly Somerset villages. B was clinging on to the car door and I was desperately trying not to stall halfway up a very steep slope when we eventually found our way to Westcombe Dairy.

Westcombe dairy are a small Somerset dairy who make the most fantastic cheese using their cows'  unpasturised milk. They have the teeniest shop at their farm where you can try and buy their cheese, chat to your heart's content about all things cheese-related, and also sample some of the Wild Beer Company's beers who have based their brewery at Westcombe.

We nibbled our way through the 12-month aged Cheddar and the Caerphilly, sipped on some beer and brandy, and walked out a little while later with a bag of cheese (ironically, without the ricotta, as sadly it wasn't as picnic compatible as the others), a couple of beers for B, and a much better knowledge of this fabulous little dairy and its produce.

Westcombe Dairy, Lower Westcombe Farm, Evercreech, Somerset, BA4 6ER

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