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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Summer in New York City is hot. Ragingly, ceaselessly hot. Iced coffee, air conditioning and ice-cream have become my go-to survival methods, as has spending time in shady outdoor spaces.

Tucked away in Prospect Park, acres and acres of exotic flowers, towering trees, beautiful greenhouses and perfectly cropped grass make up the Botanic Gardens.

Surrounded by the bright colours, birdsong, and perfumed smells, I temporarily forgot I was in the middle of the famous urban jungle. This outdoor space seems even more important when it's in NYC: they've even created an enormous garden just for children to learn to grow plants, to care for them, and hopefully to soon understand and live by the motto below...

Meandering around the botanical garden alone on a blue-skied August day with my camera was the ideal way to cope with the heatwave.

The rose garden was blooming, the most fantastic scent filled the avenues of flowers and thorns: there were many happy minutes spent with my nose stuck in the different varieties of roses.

This is a wonderful space where you could roam for hours, for days, for a whole Summer, admiring the bizarre and beautiful plants, lying on the lawns with a good book, soaking up the searing sun.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 150 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225

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