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Monday, 31 August 2015

Brooklyn Bridge

For our last two years living together in London, B and I had a fabulous photo of Brooklyn Bridge, taken by a family friend, hanging in our bedroom.

It therefore seemed a magical coincidence that we eventually ended up in New York, and even more so when we ended up in Brooklyn, and then even, even more so when we walked home from Manhattan in our first week here, which involved crossing Brooklyn Bridge.

Once we'd found our way on to the bridge (it's probably worth flicking through this website so you don't get as lost trying to find your way on to the bridge as we did), we meandered at tourist pace, looking forwards, backwards and to both sides, cameras out, pointing at skyscrapers and snapping away, until we reached the Brooklyn side.

The most spectacular views of Manhattan lay themselves out behind the poles, and the sun glares through the wires until you reach Dumbo and retreat inside one of the scenic cafés for a cooling glass of lemonade.

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