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Monday, 24 August 2015


We arrived in New York late last Thursday night. When we finally clambered into a yellow taxi after a long flight, an interminable queue for security at JFK, and then another huge line of people waiting for taxis outside the airport, we suddenly realised that, after months and months of planning and organising and stressing, we had, finally, made it to NYC. We drove through the outskirts of Brooklyn with the windows down, staring at all the buildings, people, lights, cars, signs, that we passed by. Everything seemed big, noisy, hot,  and overwhelming. 45 minutes later we were dropped on the pavement (or sidewalk, as I should now be calling it) at our hotel on 4th Avenue, Brooklyn. We lugged our heavy bags inside and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow, only to wake up a few hours later, still exhausted. Oh, the joys of jet lag.

10 days in to our new New York life, we have walked all over Brooklyn looking for a flat (or apartment) to move into; we have found a flat; we have signed a lease; we have filled in many, many forms; we have complained about the heat innumerable times; we've opened a bank account; we have eaten ice-cream every day; we've set up American 'cell' phones; we've run around Prospect Park; and we've just about got over our jet lag (although B still insists that he needs a cup of tea at 6pm every day to keep him awake until it's an acceptable time to fall asleep). It's been busy and it's been exhausting, but this big city which we had barely stepped foot in before last week, is slowly beginning to feel like somewhere that we think we will someday be able to call home. Despite all the bizarre Americanisms that keep popping up and reminding us that we are strangers in this city.

We're excited and inspired - and a little bit scared - but I can't wait to share our new American life here with y'all.

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