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Monday, 11 August 2014

Street Feast

I have been meaning to go to Street Feast for a long time. As in, a couple of years. That's a long time. I'm definitely not one of those bloggers who is ahead of all the trends and writing about places that don't even know they are going to exist yet.

But eventually I got there. And we got there a bit late. So they had run out of a few things. I told myself that it doesn't matter and we'll go back. That will probably take me another few years.

Tucked away in Dalston, you pay your £3 and enter into a huge not-really-outdoors-but-prentending-to-be space. Fire pits smoke around all over the place, long tables and benches and stools are filled with people, and it smells wonderful. I suppose it would, given that they've taken the best of London's street food and put it in one place. 

We did a lap, trying to decide where to start. We ended up back where we started. C and I went for B.O.B.'s lobster; B and T went to Smoke Stack. They'd run out of ribs. That was sad. So B went for pulled pork and T headed over to Busan BBQ for a burger with a Korean twist. Yum. Lobster mac and cheese for C and I. All this meant we didn't have to talk and could just umm and ahhh until everything had gone.

The boys scuttled off and returned with two pizzas. No complaining. Pizza Pilgrims perfection.

Many hours afterwards were whiled away in The Gin Store. (There was no keeping us away from there for very long). Martinis and Gin with tonic and other delicious concoctions. I have every intention of repeating this evening. There's too many other wonderful looking things there to not go back. Just keep an eye on this space for a few more years.

Highlight: Too much of everything good.
Lowlight: Some good stuff runs out.

Street Feast, Dalston Yard, Hartwell Street, E8 3DU.

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