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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blueberry, coconut, dark chocolate cookies

I have hundreds of recipes bookmarked in my browser at any one time. I bookmark pages like it's going out of fashion. My problem is that I eat with my eyes, and I know I won't remember where I found something if I don't save it there and then, and that will only lead to a tantrum.

These blueberry, coconut, dark chocolate cookies had been saved for a little while, and glared at me every time I scrolled through searching for something else. For some reason, Friday evening was the right time to make them (getting off work half an hour early may have been why).

B has repeatedly described these cookies as fluffy (as another one disappeared from the tin). They're light and airy and bouncy, full of oats, chunks of melting chocolate, and because I switched dried blueberries for fresh ones, bursting little bubbles of sweetness, with a hint of coconut just to mix things up a bit. Come Saturday night, they had all gone.

The recipe can be found here, on the fantastically named 'I am a food blog'.

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