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Wednesday, 26 February 2014


After some rather delicious kaiserschmarren at Boopshi's the other week, B continued on his bugging of me to make these kaiserchmarren he had spotted in the FT many weekends ago. And for some reason he had decided they were to be breakfast. I didn't tell him about the splash of rum; it was a Sunday after all, so no harm done.

Fluffly, meringue-y egg whites folded in to the rich, bright mix, then bubbling gently in a deep pan, tossed, lightly golden, torn into almost perfect shreds, dolloped with some freshly made blueberry compote, dusted with icing sugar. Super delicious, super easy to work your way through platefuls of them. And then kid yourself that they're not too bad as the only sugar is whatever you scatter on top. Typical of the always rather health conscious Rose Carrarini.

Perfect breakfast, perfect brunch, perfect pudding. Any excuse. 

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