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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hazelnut & Nutella Biscuits

In a Valentine's theme...

But I realise that I have missed Valentine's Day and so that this is perhaps no longer relevant. But these rather large treats are heart shaped, so there's no escaping it. And I wouldn't want to lie to you.

They also provided me with an opportunity to buy a jar of Nutella. A big jar. Just in case I ran out. So they give you the opportunity to do the same, now that this red heart filled day has passed.

Taken from the ever-inspiring Deb at Smitten Kitchen I set about toasting hazelnuts, shelling them (it's true that I didn't do this as thoroughly as Deb may perhaps have liked), mixing in dark sugar (also darker than Deb may have wanted), and pouring flour everywhere as I rolled and cut, impatiently waiting for them to cool before spreading them with lashings of Nutella and munching as I went. A spoonful of Nutella for the biscuit, a spoonful of Nutella for me.

Perfect with tea, and then with coffee, on a slow Valentine's weekend Saturday morning. My Valentine was suitably smiley.


  1. They look amazing! Need to try these! Never too late for heart-shaped biscuits ;)


    1. Thank you Faye! I'm sure they won't disappoint. We've just finished ours. Must make more!

      Your blog is so stunning - Paris me manque!!



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