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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cranberry Crumb Bars

I'd been a totally useless baking girlfriend since Christmas. And it was only when I pointed it out that B admitted that his coffee at work had been a little sad during the last few weeks, without something to nibble on at the same time. Lucky for him, our favourite Bethnal fruit and veg shop had just replenished their stock of big boxes of fresh cranberries, so I could finally make the Cranberry Crumb bars Lottie and Doof posted on his blog many moons ago.

They were worth waiting for, and B made up for his lack of snacks by eating several of these a day. And I sneaked a mouthful whenever he wasn't looking (a little hypocritical, I know). If you happen to pass by any fresh cranberries in the next couple of weeks, knocking up a batch of these little treats wouldn't be a bad idea. Especially while the warming mulling spices still feel like the right thing to be eating.

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