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Monday, 17 February 2014


I think almost every other London-based food blogger has already told you to go to Boopshi's. So I'm going to be super unoriginal and do the same. Stripped back and bare (but without the recycled wood that snag your tights every single time); light and buzzy with glass walls and lights shining through the semi-transparent interior; tucked into a small corner right in the centre of town, and serving lethally delicious drinks and fabulously enormous schnitzel, there is no reason not to go. Unless you're a vegetarian. Then I might let you off. But you should still go and have many drinks and many spätzle and cheese. 

We have decided we need to return to try the two cocktails we didn't get to on the list. And the Prosecco on tap. I was too distracted by the cocktails as big as my head, the colours like a Panetone colour guide, that were far too yummy, to be thinking about Prosecco.

Pork schnitzel for me, chicken for B. Mine with a duck egg and capers, his with a hen egg. With spätzle and cheese, and a bit of speck for good measure, and a house salad, which, that day, was crunchy fresh leaves, cubes of roasted butternut squash, and roasted walnuts with a zingy dressing. The portions poured over the sides of the oh-so-trendy enamelware plates. There was no attempt at pretentiousness. They do schnitzel. They do spritzers. And they do it so well. 

Just enough space to share some kaiserschmarrn for pudding (which I didn't photograph as it wasn't the most beautiful plate of food) left us with that lasting happy memory you search for in the final moments of a smiling evening. I'd go back next week: schnitzel and spritz are a new favourite.

Highlight: those cocktails
Lowlight: the blast of freezing air every time someone opened the door. A small detail. But it was chilly.

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