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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Caramelised Orange Crumble Tarts

Too many components to that title. And I was beginning to feel resentful to all those components as my entire afternoon was spent following step after step after step. Flicking between pages. Using up all space in the flat and turning the sofa into a temporary counter top. 

Make pastry. Then crumble. And caramelise some oranges. Oh and don't forget the custard. So my Saturday afternoon was spent. The oven facing the opposite way from the telly so the rugby wasn't in view. There were panicked moments as I realised that the custard in fact needed four hours in the fridge, and, unless we were going to be eating Spanish time, that just wasn't going to happen. I wasn't going to risk the chemical explosions that might happen if I put it in the freezer. So runny custard it was. Deliciously runny, with crunchy pastry, beautiful bright oranges, an a sweet crunchy crumble decoration. Lily Vanilli, you amazed again. I guess it was my own fault for not guessing from the title quite how many hours this challenge would take.

Recipe can be found in Lily's book 'Sweet Tooth'. It should be on your shelf, if not, buy it you fool.

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